Kosta Kokolis


Kosta Kokolis


Kosta Kokolis is a licensed physical therapist in the state of New York. He has achieved a bachelor’s degree in health science biology and a master’s degree in physical therapy from the New York Institute of Technology. Kosta is currently enrolled in school augmenting his academic knowledge by studying physical therapy on the doctoral level. He is also in the process of completing another certification in manual therapy from the Institute of Physical Art. His emphasis on study and research is directed toward but not limited to spinal care.

He applies concepts of McKenzie, Mulligan, Cyriax, and manual therapy techniques into each treatment session. With his repertoire of treatment styles, he is highly regarded as a Spinal Rehabilitation Specialist which allows him to treat complex post-operative cases and severe spinal injuries. Combined with his physical therapy techniques, nutritional guidance and fitness advice for weight management he has been very successful with correcting spinal problems and avoiding invasive spinal surgeries.

His patients consist of numerous athletes, and non-athletes who suffer from spinal pain secondary to herniated discs, muscle spasms and physiologic spinal dysfunction. Furthermore, for the last 6 years, Kosta has worked hand and hand with many dentists and has become highly successful in treating patients with Tempero-Mandibular disorder (TMD or TMJ), headaches and facial pain. His philosophy is based on the Alexander technique and neuro-muscular awareness to achieve optimal posture and proper mechanics to get the most out of your sport, job, or activity you undertake.

Kosta’s previous work experience with a world-renowned dance rehabilitation studio had him working with both Broadway and off-Broadway performers. Here, he developed an interest in Pilates, and he is one of the first to combine Dance Medicine and Rehabilitation into Pilates-based Physical Therapy.

He is presently the owner and founder of TheraMotion Physical Therapy, PLLC which is a fully equipped fitness and rehabilitation clinic located in Bayside, New York. Currently, Theramotion has made its way into Manhattan being the co-founder of Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness in Gramercy to produce a holistic style of physical therapy. He has successfully opened three locations in Manhattan and two in Queens by delivering the same comprehensive philosophy across all of his offices.

In the past, Kosta got the chance to work with the Greek National Soccer Team as a Physical therapist, as well as for Team Greece NGB at the 2004 Summer Olympic games in Athens.